Quality Management

DPC is a technology-oriented company that is trusted by customers through the pursuit of perfect quality.

Philosophy and Policy

Quality management
DPC understands the characteristics of product quality for specifications related to customer requirements in manufacturing and supplying various such parts as drive shaft, CV joint and u-joint for heavy equipment and automobile parts. By applying it to production and all other quality activities, the company provides products and services that meet customer requirements and expectations.

To achieve this, the company establishes and maintains an effective quality system that meets the requirements of IATF14949, an international quality management standard, and establishes and manages effective quality goals annually in accordance with the business planning process.
Quality Policy
  • Compliance with the Quality Assurance System
  • Securing Customer-oriented quality management
  • Securing Customer-oriented products and technology
  • Continuous improvement (to secure competitiveness)
  • Securing customer trust

Quality Assurance

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  • IATF16949 2016
  • ISO14001 2015
  • Certificate of New Technology 2017.04
  • Reliability Certification 2010.12
  • CAP Manufacturing Method of Journal Bearings Using Pressing Method 2015.10
  • Propeller Shaft Assemble 2008.01
  • Hollow type propeller shaft 2008.01
  • Permanent lubricating universal joint 2005.08
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